Interactive Real-Time Workshops for Educators

We don’t just talk about student-centered learning. In our sessions, educators learn through exploration, discussion, and collaboration.

If you’d like to engage your students and increase achievement, all while saving valuable planning time, we have a session for you.


Professional Development for Educators, by Educators

Whether taking charge of your own professional development or helping your team grow in their practice, Room to Discover workshops will help you balance the big ideas in education with the practical realities of the classroom. 

These are real-time, collaborative workshops with a live facilitator. You’ll leave your session with tools and resources to use in your classroom the very next day.

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Contact us to schedule an on-site or online workshop. Topics can be customized to meet the needs of your school or district

Take charge of your professional learning: choose the session that supports your goals.

Topics range from general teaching strategies to specific subjects and grade levels.

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Workshop Topics

The following workshops can be customized for different grade levels, lengths, and group sizes. Contact us to request a workshop on topics not listed below.

Problem-Based Math: Level 1

Foundations of Inquiry-Based Math

Participants learn the fundamentals of engaging math lessons. Plan workshop-style lessons using the 3-vehicles of conceptual math.
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Problem-Based Math: Level 2

Make the Most of Inquiry

Graduates of Level 1 learn to design inquiry-based units, facilitate learning through inquiry, and assess student artifacts.
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Personalized Learning: Level 1

Intro to Personalized Learning

Participants learn the fundamentals of personalized learning. Includes lesson plans and organizers to successfully launch your PL program.
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Personalized Learning: Level 2

Advanced PL Applications

Educators experienced with personalized learning analyze student data to inform instruction and explore gamified and collaborative PL models.
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Introduction to Unit Planning

Benefits of Effective Unit Planning

Learn how unit planning can increase student engagement, maximize instructional time, and reduce prep time.
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Advanced Curriculum Planning

Planning Across Grade Levels

Participants will learn to create standards-aligned curriculum maps and pacing guides that connect across grade levels.
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Relationship-Driven Classroom Management

Manage Student Performance

Traditional class management focuses on behavior. This workshop explores strategies to reduce issues through increased motivation and engagement.
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Google Tools for Educators

Drive, Classroom, and Beyond

Participants will learn applications for Google's suite of educational apps that can save time and increase student engagement.
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Engaging with Stakeholders

Voices in the Classroom

Teachers, parents, and school leaders all want what's best for students. Learn how to engage stakeholders and ensure all voices feel heard.
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Literacy: Reading Workshop

Engaging Literacy Practices

Participants learn methods and use resources to promote literacy and a love of reading through student choice and collaborative learning.
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Literacy: Writer's Workshop

Activity-Based Writing

Participants will use organizers and collaborative learning models to increase engagement and improve student writing.
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Debating Across the Curriculum

A Fun Way to Build Critical Thinking

Debate is a fun way to help students support ideas with evidence. It builds writing and public speaking skills in any .
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Upcoming New Jersey Math Workshops

Challenging Word Problems: Mar 19, 2020

Word problems can be a great way for students to make sense of mathematical concepts by connecting them to real world situations.

West Orange, NJ

Algebraic Reasoning in Gr. 3-5: April 7, 2020

Algebraic thinking doesn’t begin in algebra. With number sentence proofs, your students can benefit from algebraic reasoning long before they begin solving for ‘x.'

Princeton, NJ

Relationship-Driven Classroom Management: April 23, 2020

The PRESTO framework will help you engage and motivate every student in your classroom, even the most resistant learners.

West Orange, NJ

Solving Word Problems in Gr. 3-5: May 6, 2020

Word problems can be a great way for students to make sense of mathematical concepts by connecting them to real world situations.

Princeton, NJ

Challenging Word Problems: May 14, 2020

Word problems can be a great way for students to make sense of mathematical concepts by connecting them to real world situations.

West Orange, NJ