Instructional Coaching Workshop: Transformational Coaching


What is the only form of professional development proven to increase teaching effectiveness? It’s not graduate degrees, independent reading, or even motivational speakers.

Instructional coaching is the single most effective form of professional development for educators.

But how can you be sure that your coaching is getting results? Being a great teacher is a start, but it’s not enough.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the tools and strategies that lead to transformational coaching. Our step-by-step approach will help you inspire and support your fellow educators — from reflection and goal-setting, to on-going support and measuring your impact.

(This is a two-part online workshop, conducted in real time with a live instructor)

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Focus of the Instructional Coaching Workshop

Whether you’re an aspiring coach or a seasoned educational leader, this session will help you overcome the most common challenges faced by instructional coaches.

We’ll start at the very beginning, from building relationships and creating a shared definition of success. We’ll also explore the nuts and bolts of effective coaching, from creating SMART goals to scheduling your coaching cycles. 

  • Easy-to-spot indicators of effective teaching
  • Adjusting from teaching students to supporting adult learners
  • Structuring and scheduling coaching cycles
  • Measuring the impact of your coaching

Throughout the sessions you’ll collaborate with fellow coaches to consider coaching scenarios, and think through common challenges. When we’re done, you’ll be equipped with a portfolio of organizers and resources you can put to use right away.

Instructional Coaching Workshop: Session Overviews

This workshop consists of two hands-on, collaborative sessions. The first focuses on Reflective Teaching, and the second on Transformative Coaching.

Session 1 (Reflective Teaching): The first session focuses on the Heart, Hands, Head model of effective teaching. You’ll learn how this model can help your teachers identify their strengths and areas for growth in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

You’ll complete an educator self-assessment, explore sample coaching scenarios, and create SMART goals to guide your coaching support.

Session 2 (Transformational Coaching): In the second session, we’ll build on the practices from the first session to create a supportive structure for transformational coaching. We’ll help you design coaching cycles that allow you to provide your teachers with consistent support and feedback.

In this hands-on instructional coaching workshop, you will explore theories and practices that support effective coaching. This is an interactive session. You’ll collaborate with fellow coaches in breakout rooms, conduct role plays, and plan your coaching cycles.

This workshop includes all the resources and planning guides you’ll need to effectively support your teachers. For more on the benefits of instructional coaching, visit

About the Presenter

Jeff Lisciandrello is the founder of Room to Discover and an educational consultant specializing in student-centered learning practicesJeff Lisciandrello is an expert in math curriculum and student-centered instructional practices. He has over 15 years experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and instructional coach. In Jeff’s workshops, educators, don’t just hear about differentiation and inquiry-based learning. They experience them first-hand. You can connect with him via Twitter @EdTechJeff


Sessions are designed for coaches, supervisors, and aspiring coaches at any grade level. For more information, contact